Reading through the Pandemic

2020 certainly has been one for the books. I had originally set my 2020 reading goal at 100 titles. However, when the pandemic forced my state to close and I was suddenly working from home, not having to drive children to their wide variety of doctor visits, sport activities, music lessons, etc., I had a lot of extra time on my hands. During this time many people turned to cooking or binge watching, but not me. I turned to binge reading. Like many of you my mind was filled with worry about what was happening with our country, the lack of leadership and the very real and very scary thought that any one of my friends or family members could become seriously ill.

To get my mind off of what was happening in the ‘real world’ I turned to a fantasy world. But my fantasy world consisted of reading romance novels. Sure, I had read some romance novels here and there over the years, but nothing like what I spent the past 7 months reading. As you can see from the image below, I have already read 171 books and there is still nearly 2 full months to go! Of course I’m now back to work full time (after 2 hip replacement surgeries in 6 weeks…ouch!!) so my reading will slow down a little bit but it was really nice to take a reprieve from the world and lose myself in unrealistic romance novels. I discovered that the romance theme I prefer is billionaire bad boys who find their perfect woman and sweep her off her feet.

Just a few of the romance titles I have read this year.

Of course I didn’t read only romance novels for fear that my mind would turn to mush. I also read some non-fiction and thrillers/horror. But I keep going back to romance. I wonder what that says about me?

Do you enjoy reading romance novels? Any titles you can recommend??


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